Other prose

Story Without Meaning is about an interview with God in front of a live audience. You can buy it for a quid here.

‘The Blue and the Dim and the Dark Cloths’ (published in ebook format by Galley Beggar Press). Buy it here.

‘Mr Jolly’ (commissioned by The Reader Magazine, 50th Celebration Issue) ISBN 9780956786296.

‘The Man In The White Coat’ (Riptide Journal volume 8) ISBN 9780955832666. Buy it here.

Story Without Meaning (Biscuit Short Story Prize 2010), Biscuit Anthology ISBN 1903914441. Buy it here.

‘Third Person’, The Light That Remains and other stories (Leaf Books) ISBN 9781905599349.

‘You Are Going Back’, Tears in the Fence issue 48 ISSN 0266 5816

‘The Bald Men’, Tears in the Fence issue 49 ISSN 0266 5816

‘A Better Devil’, Brand Magazine issue 1 ISSN 1754 0593

‘Monkeys’, Brand Magazine issue 4 ISSN 1754 0593

‘A Dog in a Bag’, Naked City (Route Books) ISBN 978-1901927238. Find the collection here.

‘He Was Going Out’, The Intelligent Woman’s Guide (PDG Books) ISBN 9781905519040

‘The Phone Call’, The Aesthetica Creative Works Annual 2009 ISSN 1758 9932