Ill Will

Ill Will: The Untold Story of Heathcliff, is a novel about Heathcliff’s missing years. It is published in hardback and paperback by Harper Collins in the UK and the USA. There is also an ebook and audiobook. The film rights have been optioned by Kudos Films. Here are just some of the reviews:

    • Book of the Week in the New York Post
    • ‘An astonishing novel’ Independent
    • ‘Easily outdoes the original Heathcliff’ The Times Literary Supplement
    • ‘beautifully written and thrilling’ Yorkshire Post
    • ‘Brilliantly incorporates the ‘facts’ of Brontë’s original, while expertly filling in the gaps’ Yorkshire Post
    • ‘visceral and unswerving’ Historia Magazine
    • ‘fearless’ Historia Magazine
    • ‘A superb book, as good as British fiction currently gets’ Loud and Quiet Magazine

Reader reviews from Amazon and Good Reads

  • ‘A very atmospheric book which really captured the times’
  • ‘I enjoyed every line of this wonderful book’
  • ‘The characters are beautifully drawn, the detail is superb and the narrative crackles’
  • ‘a vivid insight’
  • ‘a fascinating read. A real pager turner’
  • ‘Michael Stewart’s best novel yet’
  • ‘descriptive prose and superb characterisation kept me enthralled’
  • ‘gory and gripping in equal measures’
  • ‘Really didn’t want the book to end’
  • ‘heart-breakingly good’

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